Hello from Mrs. Norman’s Busy Bee’s


We are a classroom of fourth grade writers from Missouri.  Some special things about our classroom is that we enjoy math, like reading, and we work hard.  Something special about our school is we have a three legged dog named Buddy. We show kindness to one another. Our mascot is an owl.

Today is the first day of the Slice of Life month long challenge. We are gearing up to meet the challenge of writing a Slice of our Life each and every day in March. We have each created our own personal blogs to complete the challenge with. Today our writers will begin this new writing journey. To kick off this challenge we are writing Bio Poems to say hello!

Mrs. Norman

compassionate, kind, smart

Lover of bees, students, &  Ruby

Who wonders if her class will ever stop talking

Who fears they won’t

Who feels happy when she sees her class each morning

Who cares about her students

Who dreams about her students reaching their goals

Who lives in Missouri

Mrs. Norman


10 thoughts on “Hello from Mrs. Norman’s Busy Bee’s

  1. It sounds like a fantastic class room. Good punctuation. You did amazing telling about yourself.

    • I know it sounds like the best classroom in the world and it sounds like the nest teacher and I love how she described her self!

  2. Dear Mrs. Norman’s Class,
    We are excited to connect with you for The Student Blogging Challenge and see what you are learning there in Missouri. We read that your mascot is an owl. We have a school mascot as well. Our mascot is a tiger. We hope you will visit out blog, too.
    From, Mrs. Amri and The Crew

  3. Hey!
    I like your website you are posting so many interesting things ı will tell my teacher to check out your website and plase check out our website too, plewes-5c.weebly.com

  4. Dear Mrs Norman’s Busy Bees,
    We are Year 3/4 students from Melbourne, Australia and we are excited to explore your blog. We also like reading, maths and writing. We hope we can learn more about your class this year. What type of dog is your three legged dog? If you can, can we please see a picture of the dog?
    From 3/4W and Ms Wong

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